Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Digital Painting

This was an assignment I had three years ago for a Photoshop class. Goal was to create a a line drawing on tracing paper, transfer it to the computer and paint. It was my first go at a digital painting. Line work has never been something I've taken to easily so I remember not having much fun with this one until the actual painting stage began. It was done with a mouse, I had yet to learn how to use a tablet.Obviously there are certain aspects that needed tweaking but all in all, I suppose it's somewhat alright, being a first Digi painting.

After buying a cheap Wacom tablet and three years of slowly teaching myself/stumbling on new techniques, It's nice to see that I have been improving. The tablet was a very difficult switch for me. It felt like I was painting with my left hand, though I'm right-handed. It was awkward and hard to adjust to. I gave up on it for a few months, stashed it away and didn't bother trying again until I was inspired by a photo I'd seen on Deviant Art. So I picked it back up, started sketching out the photo in PS just to mess around, and I noticed that the tablet didn't feel so awkward. I had more control of it. I think that small break I took helped me out for whatever reason and I'm glad because a Tablet is just so much better and diverse than a mouse. The painting below is the outcome of that sketching, and the first complete digital painting I've done using the tablet.

Lots of fun to do, pretty cool seeing my digital potential too.